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miles_davis-art. blogMiles Davis — Image by kenne

Birthday of a Giant!

Some years ago I thought it a little eccentric to throw birthday parties for Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. But then, over time I have become very much a part of the annual events held by the Montgomery County Literary Arts Council. Now I ponder the need to celebrate the birthdays of other greats in the arts.

Since my brother, Tom, is always reminding me of the birthdays of his “heroes” (mine too), today I received a reminder that today is the birthday of someone who changed the face of music forever, Miles Davis — May 25, 1926 – September 28, 1991. So, what’s good for Whitman and Dickinson should also be for Davis. Maybe I have a new project?!

Although his genius influenced many, then in 1970 “Bitches Brew” was recorded and the music world has never the same since — now we have the world of “fusion!”

Miles Davis will always amaze the music world of generations to come. One of those people is my good friend, Rafael. Check out Rafael and his friends.

Oh, happy birthday Tom! (May 23rd) And, thanks for caring and sharing.



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  1. Kenne, FYI — Many years ago, Carol and I were invited to one of Prince’s New Year parties at his studio. He invited many of his friends to that event. One was Mile Davis. It was thrill of a lifetime to be there, meet them, and be privileged to enjoy their entertainment … which went almost non-stop forever.



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