Whitewater Draw Painting   7 comments

Whitewater Draw January 2014-9633 SQ Art framed blogWhitewater Draw — Image by kenne

The Sandhill Crane
The fields are alive with murmuring sound
I see the crane ever dancing around
They stand, they sit, all over the place.
like a babbling brook with a stony face.

When one takes flight they all follow suit
to the skys they twine with a bellowing hoot
Flapping, grappling on awkward stilts
painting the sky in patchwork quilts.

A new field awaits their homely roost
giving their journey a relieving boost
A stop in Nebraska just passing through.
Visitors pay homage to this sandhill crew.

Finding the sanctuary a yearly reprieve
until they decide to leap and leave.
Journey’s end to their timely stay
The sandhill crane must now fly away. 

Joni’s Muse

7 responses to “Whitewater Draw Painting

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  1. how lovely this is! We have sand hill cranes all around us here, they come right up to our front window in groups of 3 or 4 and just stare in at us…it’s too funny!


  2. l love it really.


  3. Very nice painting.


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