Fountaingrass, A Curse Or Blessing   7 comments

Colorful Fountain Grass blogColorful Fountaingrass (HD) — Image by kenne

For some it’s a curse
Competes with native species
Provides fuel to fire.

An exotic grass
A popular landscape choice
Attractive image.

As a naturalist
It’s just an exotic pest
That must be destroyed.

— kenne

7 responses to “Fountaingrass, A Curse Or Blessing

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  1. Beautiful poem, all three stanzas. I’d like to see your response to The Daily Prompt #2. I haven’t seen any haiku, or poems of your style there yet. Feel free to link back to your blog and promote your name as a writer. Cheers!


  2. A weed or pest grass is a plant that people either do not want want or do not know the name of. Such beauty but I understand that it is an interloper!!


  3. I love fountain grass, the way that it bounces in the breeze and when it’s backlit by the sun. But it’s a pain and I won’t plant it in my yard! In fact, I now like to plant natives as much as I can.


    • It is found in many yards in the southwestern states, which would be nice if the seeds didn’t leave the yard. Thanks for the comment.


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