Reintroducing Desert Bighorn Sheep To The Santa Catalina Mountains   4 comments

Bighorn Sheep Release_Catalina State Park_11_18_2013-31_blog

Bighorn Sheep Release_Catalina State Park_11_18_2013-78_blog

Bighorn Sheep Release_Catalina State Park_11_18_2013-79_blog

Bighorn Sheep Release_Catalina State Park_11_18_2013-80_blogImages by Bill Kaufman

Desert bighorn sheep had been documented in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson for over a hundred years before disappearing in the late 1990’s. Now the Desert Bighorn Sheep Society is working with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to reintroduce the bighorn sheep in a multi-year project. Thirty bighorn sheep were released November 18, 2013 in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness area of the Santa Catalina Mountains; an additional 30 next year, and 30 more the following year. As part of the restoration process, each sheep has been fitted with a GPS satellite collar for monitoring. 

One of our Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalist, Bill Kaufman, was invited to be at the release this past Monday and graciously provided the photos in this posting.

Click here to listen to an NPR story done on Monday’s release.


4 responses to “Reintroducing Desert Bighorn Sheep To The Santa Catalina Mountains

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  1. Kenne, this is totally awesome! I heard about it but seeing it, wow. Thanks for sharing Judy


  2. Freedom!!!


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