Capturing The Moment — Dancing With A Dragonfly. . .   5 comments

SCVN Nature Walk #3“Dancing with a Dragonfly” — Image by kenne

dancing with a dragonfly…

The shimmer of blue changes 
As you dragonfly move,
Your cellophane wings
Fragile, yet brings
You to me,
I cannot see the world
As you do, true?

You can see mine
            Just fine.
The sunlight
glints as the 
Colour changes
To a different hue.

one moment
The next

Dancing with you
As you float then soar,
is impossible …
As you pitch and roll
Leave me entranced
As you exit…

Without saying so much
As goodbye,

Must mean,
You will,
Be back,


— by Darrell Wade Elverum 

5 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Dancing With A Dragonfly. . .

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  1. Beautiful image, Kenne!


  2. Lovely and thank you for the trackback!


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