Existence Is Color, Shades, Shapes, Form, Image and Meaning   5 comments


shapes in color
shapes in shades
form in shapes
image in form
meaning in image
meaning in existence

— kenne

Plants May 15, 2008Video and Image by kenne

“The thing about Native American music that a lot of people don’t understand is the fact that it’s held in such high regard for their culture…while we live in a society where music is something that involves a lot of technology, they’re able to create something so significant in our world with very little materials.” — R. Carlos Nakai

5 responses to “Existence Is Color, Shades, Shapes, Form, Image and Meaning

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  1. For some reason the video is not playing on my iPhone — wonder why??


  2. Always enjoy the Native American culture and music. Thanks for sharing the music that speaks of their lifestyle.


  3. Your posts always make me miss home…


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