The Gatekeeper — Connecting Generation To Generation, Moment To Moment   7 comments

Italian SpringsImages by kenne

Mit Truax Benefit May 4th

The Gatekeeper
(Connecting Generation to Generation, Moment to Moment)

I can still see him
walking the land
at the end of our day —
his long shadow
stretching across the land
saluting the setting sun,
listening to the breeze
slowly moving the trees
each in concert with the sunset.

Surveying his domain
in a moment of thanks,
collecting the feelings
inspired by nature’s
changing of the guard
continuing life’s connection
to all things now
and all things to come.

Even as before, I watch
him through youthful eyes
now knowing his thoughts
formed by years of experience
and a divine connection
to the rhythm of the ages,
the language of the universe.

Not just another sunset,
but a passing of the baton —
connecting the day with the night,
yesterday with tomorrow,
creating moments of recollection
of life’s passages from now to forever,
ensuring our never-ending existence.

— kenne

7 responses to “The Gatekeeper — Connecting Generation To Generation, Moment To Moment

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  1. Wonderful ! Love ur work, wish mine was half that good. Equipment is part of it but ur eye and skill are a big part as well.


  2. connecting the day with the night – like that thought.


  3. As always your pictures are beautiful, but this time your poem painted a picture of the never ending cycles that give us reassurance of a past and future.


  4. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    I wrote this poem contained in a posting, May of 2008. Then in May of 2013, I did a new posting, this time I’m reblogging the 2013 posting — I must like this poem. — kenne


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