The Billy Blues Smokesax Sculpture   3 comments

Billy Blues Texas Johnny Brown'99 blogTexas Johnny Brown at Billy Blues (1999) — Image by kenne

bluesaxaphoneBack in the 90’s one of the best blues venues was Billy Blues on Richmond avenue in Houston. We weren’t wild about the food, but the beer and music was super.

The Billy Blues Bar and Grill opened in 1993, closing it’s doors in 2001. One of the things Billy Blues was also known for was the iconic 63-foot saxophone sculpture; made of a random mix of materials including a Volkswagen Bug, surfboard and several beer kegs, which stood outside the blues club. Several attempts were made to sell sculpture, but removal costs didn’t attract a buyer.

The big brass was built by legendary Texas artist Bob Wade, a fixture in the 70’s Texas Cosmic Cowboy counterculture, as a special installation for Billy Blues Bar & Grill. Wade will overseeing the removal  of the saxophone from its current location to the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. This non-profit will insure the sculpture is properly preserved. — Great move!


3 responses to “The Billy Blues Smokesax Sculpture

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  1. Always like it when they preserve a piece of history like the Blue Sax. Have been to the Orange Show in Houston with my grandson.


  2. It’s a great work of art and was a place with a lot of memories — thanks for the comment.


  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    While it lasted, Billy Blues Bar & Grill was the place for great blues, not so good food, though. — kenne


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