Sunset On The Trails, Revised   6 comments

Originally Titled “Sunset On The Trails,” I Renamed For A September 17, 2011 Posting, “Capturing The Moment — The Tree Of Life.” Image by kenne

I’m sharing this image again because of being inspired by photographs by Sonja Bingen, “Tree and Sunset” on one of my favorite blog site, Four Windows Press

Such a beautiful tree — 
so representative of life. 
Yet, we often see beauty 
only in the foliage and blossoms
nature provides in one of life’s stages. 

Beauty is everywhere –
there is beauty in death, 
marking the stage so important 
in the cycles of life.

This tree (image of) is amazing, 
a sculpture in the face of the sun,
containing the shapes we use
to design our places in this world.

What image do you present 
in the face of the sun?
Does it add?
Does it subtract?

Be honest!


6 responses to “Sunset On The Trails, Revised

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  1. I love the photograph. Wow! I like the poem and its attempt to force thought too.


  2. Goodness gracious, I made the above comment before getting your comment on Four Windows Press. I hate to admit it, but I looked at the photo and the poem without noticing the nice comment about having been inspired by Sonja’s photo. Thank you. Thank you.


    • First, you’re welcome! But it is I who needs to do the thanking — many things about your site are very inspirational. Some of us are fortunate to see beautiful sunset most everyday, but they never get old. Each has its own beauty and it’s our job to capture it in words and image. I have the same feelings about windmills and sunsets, but that a whole nother story.


  3. Beautiful


  4. i love the poem .. so true! Thanks for sharing 😀


  5. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Spent part of Christmas Day photographing trees like this one (without the sun) and limb sculptures along the trail that I will be posting soon. Till then I have reblogged this December 2011. — kenne


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