Nature’s City In The Clouds   4 comments

Cloud City — Image by kenne

Cloud City

Early snow in the Catalina’s
creating moving views,
from the valley below.

Capturing the moments
in the lower canyon’s frame,
desiring an upper canyon view.

Still early afternoon,
I caught the 2:00 p.m. tram,
riding up to stop nine.

The lone tram passenger
I began hiking the switchbacks
an hour up the canyon ridge.

Views of the creek below
would soon open to the sun
peeping through the clouds.

Rounding the trail’s bend
confronted by cloud-covered images
of ancient mountaintop ruins.

Was it Sagalassos,
the ancient city
preserved in the canyon?

Or an outpost
of a tibanna gas colony,
from the planet Bespin?

Only if I could bribe
a member of Bespin’s Wing Guard
for a spin around Cloud City,

in search of the famous resort,
complete with casino hotels
staging a Skywalker and Vader dueled.

— kenne

4 responses to “Nature’s City In The Clouds

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  1. Awesome.



  2. Amazing……:)


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    Reblogged from December 2011. — kenne


  4. Great adventure and fantasy!

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