A Resurrection Is Taking Place In The Desert   Leave a comment

A Cliff Formation Near The Sabino Canyon Riparian Area — Image by kenne

It’s difficult to see in this image, but if you look carefully at some the rocks that appear more green than others, the green is from Arizona Spikemoss (Resurrection Plant) growing after some recent rains in the canyon. For most of us, it’s hard to consider moss growing in environments such as the dry-hot desert. However, it only takes a little moisture to turn this dried-up gray plant to turn green and start growing. It is called Resurrection Plant because of its habit of reviving after seeming to be dead. In the last week, evidence of this plant can be found all over the canyon. This small fern can be found in shaded areas where they clump together or form dense mats, which helps reduce their exposure to hot temperatures. 


(I share this information, which I learned while on a nature walk with naturalists Anne Green, Ned Harris and Fred Heath.)

Pincushing Cactus with Fruit, Surrounded By Arizona Spikemoss (Resurrection Plants) — Image by kenne

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