Rural Southern Grocery Stores And Juke-Joints   4 comments

  Image Source: Library of Congress

I recently observed this Library of Congress photo of a gas station, grocery store and “juke-joint” in Melrose, Louisiana. This image reminded me of rural northern Alabama where I lived with my grandparents for several of my childhood years, minus the “juke-joint.” This photo also reminded me of Jackson Grocery in Double Bayou, Texas. No juke-joint here, but a few hundred feet down the road you will find the Double Bayou Dance Hall. The grocery store still exist, however, the dance hall was badly damaged by hurricane Ike and remains closed.


Jackson Grogercy in Double Bayou, Texas (Note the guy on the left) — Image by kenne

Double Bayou Dance Hall, Double Bayou, Texas — Image by kenne

Dancing at The Double Bayou Dance Hall — Image by kenne

4 responses to “Rural Southern Grocery Stores And Juke-Joints

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  1. Love these old joints. When Vanessa and I drove from Mountain Home, Arkansas to Seattle (in 1992/1993), we saw many of these on our way out of the South. Picturesqe and full of rich history. Very cool!


  2. . . . were you guys old enough to drive in the early 90s? Another example of how one’s view of time changes as you get older.

    Your great-grandfather had a grocery store-filling station after he sold the farm. In the summer time your dad and I would spend time with him at the store — it was fun.


  3. Wow, that brings back many memories for me, Keene. I lived many years in Texas off and on and am very familiar with that sort of sight. Spent some time in South Georgia, Valdosta to be exact, and went to a similar place with my brother to cash our paychecks. Real Mom and Pop sort of place, cafe, bar, and grogery store rolled into one. And I don’t remember it being any bigger than that place, lol. My sister lives in South Columbia, Tx, near Angleton. I visited there about 12 years ago, and I remember the atmosphere of the town looking much the same as your pictures. Yeah, I remembers…


  4. Small world, isn’t it!


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