Funnel-Web Spider: Part II   6 comments

Funnel-Web Spider Whose Web Funnels Into A Tunnel-like Hole — Image by kenne

Last week during the SCVN nature walk, I photographed the above image, which was one of the images in a blog entry slide show. At the time, I incorrectly named the funnel-web spider as the tunnel-web spider. Thanks to my SCVN mentor, Ned Harris and SCVN neighbor, Bryna Ben-Asher, I now know the correct name. As I have in the past, I often learn much from my mistakes. Additional information on these most interesting creatures can be found at The Firefly Forest.

The above image was taken in the Sabino Creek Dam area, and at the time the spider was obviously not interested in coming out to greet me. However, yesterday in the same general area we spotted a more hospitable funnel-web spider who was willing to sit long enough for me to “capture the moment.”

Ned and Bryna, thanks for viewing my blog and noting the incorrect name. Your feedback is most appreciated.


Funnel-Web Spider — Image by kenne

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