Capturing the Moment — Sunset Before The Rise of The Super Moon   3 comments

“Super Moon” Sunset — Image by kenne

A short walk down from our house is the Rillito River. Yesterday at sunset, I walked down along the river to prepare to take some photos of the super moon. While waiting for the moon to come up, I took this image of the setting sun. Click here to see some previous river trail photos.


3 responses to “Capturing the Moment — Sunset Before The Rise of The Super Moon

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  1. It looks like you might be on the far west side of Tucson. Wonderful sunset with the stark barrenness married to the beauty of a setting orange orb.

    I am making plans for a November trip to Tucson. I hope to see you and Joy during that trip. I would love to introduce you to my Mom’s side of the family. The family patron is Fred Balazs at 91+ and still very spry/ We stayed up one night to 1 AM visiting. The next night he was tired and had to leave at 11 PM.

    District 5910 is busy with final preparations for the Rotary District Conference. Governor Rose has her act together! I regret that I will not be able to make this meeting since I am going on a special Texas High Plains Vineyard group tour at that time.


  2. New rule: “All friends coming to Tucson stay with us or at least we get together.”

    We would love to get together with your mom’s side of the family!

    The image was take along the Rillito River, about 200 yards from our house.


  3. Wow, Kenne. Quite the colors in that sky! Those blues make the photo, I think, firing up both the sand and the fire in the sky. Wonderful photo.


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