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Escher's_RelativityRelativity – M.C. Escher — Source: Wikipedia Fair Use

A first read of Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (GEB), by Douglas Hofstadler, may leave you wondering what’s it all about.
But like any great work, its true meaning comes from where the reader is (self-representation) at the time of the reading.
As I constantly matrix my experiences, GEB, like a “popup” reminder on my computer screen, has crossed paths
with many of my current states of being. Again, I find myself driven to read what is not an easy book to master.
Often, the words used to describe the book are “turgid and confused,” words that may be used to describe me.

— kenne

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  2. That drawing always gives me a headache 😃

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