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A box of film negatives purchased at a Chicago auction in 2007 by John Maloof, a young real estate agent, may turn out to be the discovery of the Emily Dickinson of Photography. To date, little is known about this private, “keep your distance” excentric. Yet, as the photography world becomes aware of her captivating photos, she quickly becomes a much-admired photographer after her death two years ago. Starting the past Friday, the Chicago Cultural Center has a one-woman show, “Finding Vivian Maier: Chicago Street Photographer.” Only time will tell if Vivian Maier will reach the statue of an Emily Dickinson of Photography, but interest she has already created can’t help but make one wonder.

Here are some links where you can learn more, see some of her work, and judge for yourself:

Admittedly, I may be biased, having grown up in the Chicago area during the ’50s and ’60s, which is the time frame of many of the current prints. The images offer a much appreciated photographic history of this great city in the mid-twentieth century.

— kenne

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