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The Zen of Visual Imagery — The Second Time Around   2 comments

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(First posted June, 2009. This posting serves as a reminder.) 

I love all facets of making visual imagery,
e.g., writing, music, cameras, catching the moment,
editing the moment to share my perspective of the experience —
I could go on and on. For me, visual imagery is a passion.

In recent years I have been able to spend more time with this love,
even getting into digital video and taking on a lot of digital media projects.
However, as with any endeavor, especially the ones you love,
doing it full-time can reduce the love affair to being just another relationship.

Often, creativity suffers in the relationship.
Rather than being artistic, you become a technician, lacking originality and flair.
Sometimes you are so focused in the routine, your passion becomes an obsession.

The moral:

Don’t do what you love full-time.

Make sure the love is surrounded by other endeavors,
which in turn nurtures the creative juices of your art.

Only then
will you begin to feel the juices ooze from your pores.

Only then
will you experience real love.

Only then
will you truly be alive.


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