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Sedona Sunrise — Image by kenne

Words at Daybreak

Before beginning in earnest,
without meanings to identify them,
they emerge like figures behind a gray curtain.
The dark flock on the foggy horizon
defers arrival. Engaged in some play
of its own making, it circles and drifts.
Still, fricative, almost particulate songs
filter down, silting along the gray shore.
They summon the ear to something, to something.

— Tess Taylor

HWY 179 To Sedona, Arizona — Looking For Our Vortex   2 comments

Sedona & Talking Stick ResortHWY 179 To Sedona, Spring 2013 — Image by kenne

“Intrinsic beauty is in the Interpreter and Seer, not in the object or content.” — Wyndham Lewis



Our vortex is not afraid of the Past: it has forgotten it’s existence.

Our vortex regards the Future as sentimental as the Past.

The Future is distant, like the Past, and therefore sentimental.

The mere element “Past” must be retained to sponge up and absorb our melancholy.

Everything absent, remote, requiring projection in the veiled weakness of the mind, is sentimental.

The Present can be intensely sentimental—especially if you exclude the mere element “Past.”

Our vortex does not deal in reactive Action only, nor identify the Present with numbing displays of vitality.

The new vortex plunges to the heart of the Present.

The chemistry of the Present is different to that of the Past. With this different chemistry we produce a New Living Abstraction.

The Rembrandt Vortex swamped the Netherlands with a flood of dreaming.

The Turner Vortex rushed at Europe with a wave of light.

We wish the Past and Future with us, the Past to mop up our melancholy, the Future to absorb our troublesome optimism.

With our Vortex the Present is the only active thing.

Life is the Past and the Future.

The Present is Art.

— from “Our Vortex” by Wyndham Lewis

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