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Doubtful Canyon Weekend Dec 2012

Looking east from the Peloncillo Mountains over the Lordsburg Playa. — Image by kenne

The Lordsburg Playa is a large alkaline lake that contains deposits of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfate and chloride. It is considered a good example of a mineral soil flat wetland, which are barren, generally dry, flat, and undrained. The Sky Island Alliance classifies the area unworthy of any conservation effort except that an important aquatic arthropod assemblage survives there and flourishes when the playa holds water.

Surrounding the  flats is a zone of vegetation in strongly alkaline soil that is not diverse but contains some rare plant species worthy of conservation efforts. The greatest threat to this community is grazing, since the vegetation that grows there can tap water resources throughout the year.


Peloncillo Mountains

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