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May 23, 1942   3 comments

Thomas R. Turner, May 23, 1942 – November 13, 2014 — Image by kenne


Standing above me in Smith’s

Awkwardly looking down through a clipped hesitancy

Our lives came together.

From within, mutually canceling

Vignettes of naturalness and gender-cliche.’
She kissed through closed lips of

Pristine openness.

Innocently I loved.

After my return from the war

I stepped into a world of Kafkaesque embraces; yearning . . .

Paled with particular sensations

I was momentarily blinded.

I could taste the t.s. eliot peach that I dared to eat.

Looking at you the way you love the first person

Whoever touched you

And never quite that way again

I savored my idea of you but missed the obvious.

Paradoxes betray the limits of logic

Not of the reality, we shared.

Your “passion” was stillborn through so dame necessary.

The aesthetics of my artifice went against the grain:

Recreation, utilitarian achievements, and another 
Were hidden karmas of your soul.

My recondite preoccupations rung up as

No sale.

But let’s 

Skip the arguments.

I already know how the story ends:

A not so cryptic message –

Don’t be naive

You could only gaze into the distance at my life.

— from 24 to Harwood and Cropsey — No Road Back Home by Tom Turner


A Brother Lost

Now that it’s daylight at five,
I am awakened by the
Soft sounds of morning doves,

Delaying for a moment
My feet hitting the floor —
Just long enough

To think about my brother
Who no longer writes, 
Calls or returns mine. 

There’s no reason.
He has never needed
A reason to not call — 

For him,
calls need a reason, 
even made up ones —

Sharing a quote,
Name now forgotten,
Need to reach out.

Now lost in the northwest,
Imprisoned by his mind,
Lacking courage to create.

Now each day, I live with
Words no longer spoken,
Words no longer written.

— kenne 

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