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It’s a crazy world out there, when . . .   3 comments

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It’s a crazy world out there, when . . .

. . . The House passed an amendment Thursday that would bar the Federal Communications Commission from using any funding to implement the net neutrality order it approved in December.

. . . Texas won’t compensate an innocent man who was imprisoned for 18 years.

. . . Social Security isn’t responsible for the federal deficit. Just the opposite.

. . . employers refuse to consider the unemployed for job openings.

. . . GOP-led states are pushing plans to strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights.

. . . states can claim legal supremacy over the federal government, although successive attempts to invoke state sovereignty have been consistently shot down, denied or overturned by generations of presidents and Supreme Court decisions.

. . . Arizona Republicans are lining up behind a plan to unconstitutionally strip citizenship from millions of Americans.

. . . New Hampshire Republicans have returned to the GOP’s favorite pastime of denying gay Americans their constitutional rights.

. . . One Missouri lawmaker even proposed rolling back child labor laws.

. . . the Tea Party – FreedomWorks, Sets GOP Health Care Strategy: ‘Don’t Focus On How Many People Are Covered’

. . . Glenn Beck thinks Google may be building an Islāmic caliphate in Egypt.

. . . a 62-year-old Alabama fan with dumping poison on a couple of oaks that have been historic gathering places for happy Auburn Tiger supporters.

. . . Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker proposed ssharply curbing the bargaining rights of public unions in order to make immediate budget savings.

. . . The Speaker of The House says, “If spending cuts kill jobs, so be it!”

. . . Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) posted a tweet saying, “President’s health care law will destroy jobs, says CBO,” which is false.


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