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Little known, except by musicians, Danny Gatton was a musician’s musician. He loved playing the telecaster, rebuilding antique cars, staying around the D.C. area and just being a shy “good-old boy.”

Danny Gatton has been described as possessing an extraordinary proficiency on his instrument, “a living treasury of American musical styles.” In 2009, John Previti, who played bass guitar with Danny for 18 years stated: “You know, when he played country music, it sounded like all he played was country music. When he played jazz, it sounded like that’s all he played, rockabilly, old rock and roll, soul music. You know, he called himself a Whitman sampler of music Legendary guitarist Steve Vai reckons Danny “comes closer than anyone else to being the best guitar player that ever lived.” Accomplished guitar veteran Albert Lee said of Gatton: “Here’s a guy who’s got it all.”

Gatton shot himself in his garage, October 4, 1994 at the young age of 59 — he left no explanation. All great artists seem to possess a spooky fatalism, a sense of the duende down deep in the soul.

The goblets
of the dawn break.
The crying of the guitar
No use to stop it.
It is impossible
to stop it.

— Federico Garcia Lorca


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