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Capturing The Moment — Cockerbur Weeds   2 comments

deAnza Trail 2014-9520 blogCockerbur Weeds, not a place to let your dog run free. — Image by kenne

A Cockerbur Night

She was hard to see in the dark,

I called and called but her puppy spirit

Was sending an invitation to come play —

It was late and dark, not a time for playing.

I was not interested in chasing her in the dark,

So I closed the door and waited for ten minutes.

Not hearing her bark, I checked on her,

Again, calling and calling — this time looking for her.

Frustrated and worried, I went back in the house.

Through the night I listened for her.

Waking early at first light I readied for a search,

But as I opened the door, there she was

Lying on the “Welcome” doormat.

Jumping up, I hugged her,

Feeling the imbedded cockerburs

Collected from her night of play.

— kenne

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