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Sabino Canyon September 4, 2015-8859 wildflower grunge art blog“Fall Wildflower” — Computer art  by kenne

Nobody cares, particularly, about my grief.

Is there a philosophy book I should read?

There are always the photographs, shinning behind plastic.

Aim, shoot, print: ten years later

one still can’t

copulate with a memory.

We were young once and it was spring.

Sperm drifted to the top of the water between us in the cool lake

like a beautiful bird, fluttering close . . .

Wasn’t it because we were together that the sun shone down on us . . .

The an emptiness followed,

burning up in the heat, the sand and lawns turning white

in the distance.

Now it is fall, the beautiful season.

The moon rises over the sickle-shaped

whir of a combine

edging toward chaos in a cornfield near Asylum Lake

like a cast-off sweatshirt’s pale

blue unravelling.

— from Fall Again by David Dodd Lee

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