Cholita Wrestlers — Revisited   Leave a comment

Cholita Wrestlers (08/18/19), La Paz, Bolivia — Image by kenne

A couple days ago I read where Cholita wrestlers stage a performance on the street during the Electropreste celebration,
which combines traditional and modern customs, in La Paz, Bolivia March 12, 2022. REUTERS/Claudia Morales

In August of 2019 we were in La Paz before flying over the Andes to the Amazon. Some of our group wanted
to go see the Cholita Wrestlers. Here’s a link to a posting I did.
(Click Here.)

— kenne

“You see me…”
Then a sigh
“…in your Gringo eyes,
Green like algae and blue like skies…”
Then a sigh
And frown, and timid, stoic
And she turned to mirror
In her eyes history on a rock
Fearful, hesitant
Pleasure and the pain all the same
All were one, without a difference
“…this is my story…”
“…this is my strength…”
Polomitsa she was
Or rather
A lion with power
And she talked
And defined
In city and around
“…Cholita, work of art, work of harm…”
Iconic history
“…this fashion is a curse…”
Lost in heart was my mouth
In ears was my tongue
I listened and I watched
And blunt, sure she was
With no rights
Under hat pollera, shawls and Jewells
Cholita an insult
Cholita an abused
Cholita her mother
Cholita her daughter
Cholita’s pride is Cholita’s revenge

— Nassy Fesharaki 

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