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BoliviaMatt McGrath with the Cholitas Wrestlers (Flying Cholitas) of El Alto (August 18, 2019) — Images by kenne

Most Cholita wrestlers are Aymara, an indigenous nation residing in the high plains of Andes Mountains. As an indigenous nation, they faced ethnic oppression from the Spanish, forced to perform menial tasks for the aristocrats. In metropolitan La Paz, many Aymara people live in El Alto near the international airport (El Alto International Airport). An impoverished and neglected community the Chola Aymara women began to demonstrate for better schools, health centers, and better security in their neighborhoods. It is this fighting spirit that has formed the essence of the Cholita Wrestling dramatization.

Like American professional wrestling, it’s all about entertainment designed to get the audience involved in the event. I have to say, Ty and Matt enjoyed the chilly night in El Alto more than Tom and me.

— kenne

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4 responses to “Cholitas Wrestling

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  1. Looks very American!

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  2. Interesting to watch these ladies wrestle, but not sure something I would enjoy either.

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  3. Like American Professional Wrestling, it’s all fake!


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