Cholitas Woman Going To See Her Granddaughter   6 comments

Cholitas Woman — Images by kenne

It’s a short boat ride
connecting two peninsulas
in Lake Titicaca.

Wrapped in a woolen shawl
she proudly holds her
velvet bowler hat.

Her family waits
in the plaza next to
an Inca God statue

where family members
line up for picture taking
with grandma holding baby.

Until a decade ago
Cholitas women were
banned from public places.

— kenne

6 responses to “Cholitas Woman Going To See Her Granddaughter

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  1. Really only ten years, I looked this up. I can’t believe how pathetic humans can be. Not allowing people to go where they want when they want. Discrimination of any kind just shows how ignorant the discriminators are. Beautiful photos though. The articles and wiki I read very interesting too. Thank you for this Kenne. đź’ś

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  2. A point well made.

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  3. Sadly, COVID-19 is really taking a toll on the indigenous people of Bolivia.

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  4. Sadly, I’ve been reading about it. Public health is challenged in the best of circumstances.


  5. It is good to know that some things have changed and the Cholitas women are now permitted to not only be seen in public but can travel to see their family.

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  6. For the most part, some things have changed because Bolivia elected an Indigenous leader. Europeans don’t get it, never have.

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