Bighorn Fire In Ventana Canyon   6 comments

Ventana Canyon Fire-2-72Ventana Canyon is where we first hiked in the Catalinas in ten years ago.
Since then, I’ve hiked the trail into the canyon a least twice a year.
This image was taken last night (June 19, 2020).

Bighorn Fire-Ventana-2-72This image is what it looked like this morning. Before dawn, you could still see the fireline.

Bighorn Fire-Ventana-72I decided to drive up Craycroft Road to get a closer look. As the sun got higher in the east
I was able to get this image. It’s a good thing I had a mask, the smoke and smell were pronounced.
(Because of COVID-19, the county has mandated everyone wear a mask in public.)
— Images by kenne

6 responses to “Bighorn Fire In Ventana Canyon

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  1. These images are horrible and fascinating at the same time.
    I wish masks were mandatory here, too. But in spite of rapidly rising infections, our governor still opens the state up more. So irresponsible!

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  2. Nature is resilient, but I can’t bear to think about how that Canyon’s unique beauty and amazing water and rock features have been altered.

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  3. Memories of that fire will live on in the mountains for many, many years. So sad!

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