Learning About Rocks   5 comments

Wild for the Wilderness (1 of 1)-68-Girl-B&W-72Learning About Rocks — Image by kenne


5 responses to “Learning About Rocks

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  1. Always nice to see youngsters interested in nature. Her hat is adorable.

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  2. Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists inspire thousands of young lives!

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  3. Sadly, we won’t be doing that for a while now.


    • Our children are suffering during this pandemic since playgrounds, pools, ballfields and many museums and parks have been closed. Things are opening up a little in Ohio right now but still with many restrictions. Being a child should be a fun time to explore!

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      • Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists will not be offering our k-6 nature programs this fall. We may have a few demonstration tables like the one in the photos on weekends — we will see.


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