Driving To A Tacana Community   1 comment

BoliviaWe stopped to check-in with the Ranger, but no one was there.

BoliviaWe were now officially entering Madidi National Park.

BoliviaDuring the dry season is when road maintenance take place,
however the overnight rains made the road very muddy and slippery.


BoliviaAfter awhile we came upon some of the road crew whose truck had almost slip off the road.


On The Road In Madidi-15-2-72.jpgAfter removing the truck, we were able to continue on.

BoliviaHowever, the road conditions were getting worse as we continued on to the Tacana community.

On The Road In Madidi-18-72.jpgThere were places where we got out and walked through the mud
as our driver skillfully navigated the deep muddy ruts.


BoliviaEven though this is the dry season, the overnight rains gave us a taste
of that it might be like during the rainy season.

On The Road In Madidi-21-72.jpgThe Tacana are use to even worse conditions during the rainy season,
so it was not surprising to meet this man driving his motorcycle through all the muddy conditions.


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  1. Wow! Now those are really what I call “Back Roads” and even worse than most of them. Lucky you had a skilled driver! I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to try that myself.

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