After The Flood Waters Recede, What’s Left Behind?   4 comments

Eastside Park (1 of 1)-9 blog framedIndustrial waste is left behind when the Harvey flood waters move on in the Houston, Texas area. Plus, there’s plenty of human plastic trash not included in this picture. — Image by kenne

We continue to destroyed nature with our industrial waste more than any other nation in history. Despite this, we have now backed out on the Paris Climate Change Accord. Hospitals in the Houston area are now beginning to deal with health issues related to the Harvey flood waters — breathing problems; skin problems; intestinal problems, just to name a few.

— kenne

4 responses to “After The Flood Waters Recede, What’s Left Behind?

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  1. Throw in the very lax zoning regs in Texas and the toxic mix is even a worse threat to neighborhoods. thanks for the reality check Kenne. Stay safe


    • There is much that is beginning to surface about the toxic conditions that have been known for decades, but the local and state government just looked the other way. Sadly, we are now in route back to Tucson leaving behind children, grandchildren, and friends to deal with the follow-up of Harvey.


  2. I was just telling my wife, this morning, that i hope we don’t end up eating any produce from that area anytime soon. Those poor people!


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