A Young Western Diamondback Rattlesnake   2 comments

rattlesnake-1-of-1-2-blogYesterday (November 13, 2016) I spotted this young western diamondback rattlesnake near our house. He must have sensed my presence and went to a passive “hide the head” position before I saw him. Not wanting to harm him, but not liking his proximity to the patio, I decided to encourage him to move on.  

rattlesnake-1-of-1-blogUsing a long stick, I poked him. At first, he didn’t move at all. So, after a couple more pokes he began to show his frustration and with my continued encourage, started in a direction away from the house. I watched him for awhile until I felt comfortable with where he was, not that he was going to sliver away and never come back — Tucson is the rattlesnake capital of the world, after all.


2 responses to “A Young Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

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  1. Time to move!


  2. You just gave me ample reason why never to dream of moving to Tucson. 😉


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