My Visual Metaphor For Breast Cancer   5 comments


Getty & Huntington 2011My Visual Metaphor for Breast Cancer — Image of Joy in René Magritte’s Delusions of Grandeur II by kenne

What counts is precisely this moment of panic, and not its explanation.

— René Magritte

5 responses to “My Visual Metaphor For Breast Cancer

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  1. I love it!


    • Thanks. You blog has been very helpful for us. Several years ago when I stated following you blog I would have never guess we would also be connected through breast cancer — it was before Christmas that Joy found out. It has been a wild ride. Thanks for the “Boob Report”!


      • Oh, I’m so glad they helped. Breast cancer really isn’t the death sentence it once was. I’m so sorry she had to go through it, but I trust she is past the worst and on the mend. If she has any questions, I’m always available!!
        Thanks so much!


  2. Wonderful, Kenne


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