Antelope Canyon — I’ve Got To Go Back!   6 comments

(Click on any of the tiled images to see larger image view in a slideshow.)

Antelope Canyon On Lake Powell, Arizona — Images by kenne (Click on any of the tiled images to see larger image view in a slideshow.)

June 9th we took a boat cruse from Lake Powell / Wahweap Marina that included going into one of the best known and photographed slot canyons, Antelope Canyon. The weather was perfect, only missing a few passing clouds that would have made the clear blue sky even more perfect. The boat followed the original path of the Colorado River along the shores of the Navajo Nation. The morning sun made for rich and deep colors on the high canyon walls — poetry in reddish striations. 

Sandstone Tapestry

 Breath taking moments,

A taste is not near enough

Of this slot beauty.


6 responses to “Antelope Canyon — I’ve Got To Go Back!

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  1. Wow!



  2. Amazing trip! Antelope canyon is a temple of light for photography:)


  3. Kenne, beautifuL pictures capturing God’s creation. The picture of the other boat really gives perspective on the enormity of the canyon walls. I used to ski on the Colorado, around Lake Havesu. Thank you so much for sharing the adventure. Judy

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  4. What a trip! Love the photos, the nature surrounding is impressive to see…awesome!


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