The Old Hitching Rail   2 comments

Old Tucson-9427_art II blogImage by kenne

Been riding the dusty trails,
Now long in the day
As the sun goes down
In the hills west of Tucson.

A hitching rail awaits Old Paint,
Now covered with dust
Her black and white colors
Are a sepia golden brown.

Pushing open the swing doors,
I step up to my hitching rail
Where I order a double shot of
Taos Lightning, the special rotgut.

“Give me the good stuff,” 
Was just a figure of speech
Since I knew the bourbon
Was watered-down with turpentine.

No matter, at the end of the day
This is the real spirit of the west
Where people are real,
not watered-down phonies.

— kenne

2 responses to “The Old Hitching Rail

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  1. Felt the dust on my face and smelled the fume from the turps – excellent exposition. Well done.


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