Life Beyond The Glass Bowl   4 comments

fishbowlLife Demands Unity and Connection — Image by kenne

Once there was a goldfish who lived in a small glass bowl,
from which she could see the world around her.
Much was going on in this world,
yet she was limited to a view of inside looking out.
Puzzled by her restricted access of her world,
she long to be outside her limits –
to know life beyond her glass skin.

If only she could go outside her inside being.
Looking above, there was no glass –
an opening to a boundless world.
“Someday,” she thought,
“I will jump through the opening,
making the whole world kin,
augmenting my being.”


Life beyond my skin
Bathe in kinship with strangers
Breaking the law of being.


4 responses to “Life Beyond The Glass Bowl

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  1. Pretty profound Kenne!


  2. Wonderful


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