One Man’s Homestead Is Another Man’s Junk   10 comments

Willow Springs Ranch-8226-2 B-W blog

One Man’s Homestead Is Another Man’s Junk

A rushy old cabin,
faded white door.

A privy wanting a door,
no longer answering nature’s call.

Wagons without horses,
wheels stop turning.

No tremors in a creek,
wanting to be water.

Cattle once stood,
near dusty-edged pond.

I photograph,
pondering the past.

A story there,
dead at prose end.

— kenne

Willow Springs Ranch-8226 blog

Willow Springs Ranch-8210 blogImages by kenne


10 responses to “One Man’s Homestead Is Another Man’s Junk

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  1. i would consider this my homestead 🙂


  2. Oh! what secrets does this cabin hold!


  3. Everything is relative… I ask relative to what! If you have been to India, your and mine definition of junk is no where close to someone in India.


  4. now this picture i liked liked liked… enjoyed the writing too….captured my imagination.. thanks


  5. I’m glad — thanks.


  6. I like your words”wagons without horses”


  7. Reblogged this on Quiet Desperation and commented:
    If you aren’t following this man’s blog yet, you are missing out! Between his beautiful photos and unique prose, well, I must pray about my envy now.


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