White-lined Sphinx (Hummingbird) Moth   11 comments

White-lined Sphinx-7897-2 blog

White-lined Sphinx-7891 blog

White-lined Sphinx-7892 blog

White-lined Sphinx-7898-2 blog

White-lined Sphinx-7901-2 blog

White-lined Sphinx-7893-2 blogWhite-lined Sphinx Moth — Images by kenne

Like moths in general, they at nocturnal and often seen at dusk, as was the case for this white-lined sphinx. I was watering some potted plant when I saw this moth darting from blossom to blossom. The white-lined sphinx  is often called a hawk moth and the hummingbird moth because of its hovering, swift flight patterns. (The white-lined sphinx moth ranges in length from 2 1/2 to 3/12 inches.) These characteristics, added to low light at dusk, make it a challenge to photograph, which is why I used a flash to capture these images.


11 responses to “White-lined Sphinx (Hummingbird) Moth

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  1. Kenne, awesome photos. Also appreciated the photos of the snake & lizard. Thank YOU, Hope to see you next week. Judy



    • Judy,
      Thanks, Judy.
      Always appreciate your comments. Right now I have a conflict this coming Monday. I still have photos from Monday.


  2. Great photos!!!


  3. Nice shots of the sphinx moth, Kenne. I got a few last year, but those critters are fast and don’t pose so good . . .



  4. Beautiful! I’ve seen these flying around my flowers. I thought it was a little hummingbird or something like that.
    Never realized it was a moth!!


  5. These are great shots. I was thrilled to see a clearwing hummingbird moth and now I have a close cousin to look for.


  6. Reblogged this on tanuri.


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