A Different Way Of Seeing   13 comments

Aspen Loop July 2013Forest Floor — Image by kenne

Many times we do not need a different way of thinking but rather a different way of seeing.

– Tractatus Vitae

13 responses to “A Different Way Of Seeing

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  1. Kenne. I am trying to send you e-mail, but it keep comming back as undelivabe. Please and me a test e-mail at jco052095@q.com. Jeff


  2. Great, Kenne!!!


  3. I love the animation feature on my CyberShot. I can’t paint, so it’s always fun to create the painting of a picture. Especially those that seem mundane light up when in this mode.


    • I liked the original photo because I like the forest scene. But I knew I wanted to do something different with it, not knowing what at the time.
      Thanks for the comment.


  4. Kenne, This is very profound!

    Walt WaltTornow@comcast.net


  5. The forest floor opens up the imagination. The quote is very meaningful…and true.


  6. Simply superb!


  7. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Forest floor on Mt. Lemon — Photo-Artistry.


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