Capturing The Moment — Nesting Hummingbirds   22 comments

Desert Museum

Desert MuseumNesting Hummingbirds — Images by kenne

22 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Nesting Hummingbirds

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  1. Excellent shots!


  2. I can’t imagine how tiny their eggs must be. I’ve seen a hummingbird in a nest just once, but certainly didn’t get a photo as gorgeous as these!


  3. This is the cutest ever. Unfortunately, last fall I found one of these beautiful creatures, obviously sick, laying on my sidewalk. I picked him, or her, up and held it in my cupped hands just before it’s little spirt simply flew away. I couldn’t bear to throw him\her away, so I still have it wrapped in a paper towel shroud, encased in a baggie and frozen in my freezer. Any thoughts on what I should do with this sacred little corpse?


    • I understand your feelings. My thoughts, I would select a special place and bury the little guy. They are special creatures.


  4. Beautiful photos!!


  5. Very nice!


  6. How wonderful to capture a hummingbird and her nest! I never see them although there must be plenty of them around here.


    • My eye has become more trained when it come to hummingbirds. Some have asked how I got so close, her determination to stay on the nest helped.


  7. I’ve heard their egg is the size of a pea. How does the beak and young fit it there?


  8. Rare and amazing shots – well done!!


  9. These are just riveting! Fantastic. I love them. Thank you 🙂


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    As the seasonal changes
    being new life
    as we grow older.



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