Hiking Hidden Pasture Trail In Happy Valley   Leave a comment

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley

Panorama View Along The Hidden Pasture Trail — Images by kenne

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Images by kenne

Hidden ValleyHappy Valley is located between the Rincon Mountains and the Little Rincon Mountains. About ten miles from where the dirt road begins in the valley, there is a scenic, but rugged hike through a maze of spectacular granite rock formations, to a perched valley called Hidden Pasture. The trail to Hidden Pasture is challenging 3.5 miles and an elevation gain of 900 feet to Hidden Pasture. Not all the Monday Morning Milers were planning going all the way to Hidden Pasture, but Kristen, Tom and I were out front of the others with out sights set on reaching the perched pasture. We were about two miles or more when Kristen had a fall, twisting her left angle. We proceeded on until reaching a mountain stream area. Although there was not water in the wash, there was some remaining in the deeper holes. The presence of the water caused Kristen to stop and rest with her ankle in the cold mountain water. The rest give her some time ro reassess the situation and decided it might be best to not keep going to Hidden Pasture. Tom and Kristen turned back while I stayed back taking photos of this beautiful granite canyon, before returning.



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