Shoreline North Of San Diego, California   6 comments

San Diego 01-15-13San Diego Coast — Images by kenne

Last week we drove from Oceanside to San Diego along the coastal highway. It was cool, in the 40’s, but a beautiful clear day.


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6 responses to “Shoreline North Of San Diego, California

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  1. When I lived in San Dieog, I sometimes wandered up to Oceanside to walk along the water near the cliffs.
    Miss that…


  2. Opps….my poor typing!
    I guess San Dieog must be a small dyslexic town near San Diego. 🙂
    One thing I never got used to during the time I lived there, was occasionally swimming Into clumps of kelp seaweed.
    Rather unnerving. I wonder how that affects the rudders of sailboats?


  3. Would love to love here.


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  5. Beautiful!

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