Cooper’s Hawks In Sabino Canyon   2 comments

Adult Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk Chicks — Images by kenne

(Click On One Of The Gallery Images For A Larger View Of All The Images)

This spring, as Sabino Canyon Volunteer Nationalists (SCVN) led elementary school kids on nature walks through the Sabino Canyon riparian area, if we were lucky we would be able to a pair of cooper’s hawks either rebuilding an old nest, taking turns sitting on eggs or bring food to the new chicks. A few days ago, three chicks were observed out on nearby limbs. This past Saturday, I was able to get some photos of the chicks. After getting a couple, an adult brought food to the chicks, after which the adult left the nest, perching on a lower limb near where I was standing — classic right time, right place.


(Click here to see images in my Flickr account.)

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  1. Awesome!


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