Amado Maurilio Peña At The 4th Avenue Street Fair — It’s That Time Of Year Again!   2 comments

Amado Maurilio Peña & kenne at The 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair, 2011

Elegantes - Amado Maurilio Peña.

Again this year, Joy and I spent a nice sunny December day at the Annual 4th Avenue Street Fair. (Click here to see last year’s posting.) And again this year we saw one of our favorite artist, Amado Maurilio Peña. (Love his sweatshirt!) I asked him about the lithograph we have had since the mid-eighties and learn that he did lithographs only for a short time during the eighties. (Our color lithograph was done 30 years ago.) He was not satisfied with the way the process projected his colors. If you have ever seen Peña‘s work, chiselled faces, lot’s of  very bright colors on generally a light background. However, the one we fail in love with, Elegantes has a lot of black, with more shuttle use of color, so much so you can barely make out the blanket outline like a mountain coming down from the man.

Since Peña did only a few lithographs, he suggested it might be worth more than some of his other work during the same time period. We always knew this Peña was special in that it’s such a contrast to almost all his work. Now we know he only used the lithograph process for a short time.


2 responses to “Amado Maurilio Peña At The 4th Avenue Street Fair — It’s That Time Of Year Again!

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  1. and who is the talented photographer taking pictures of Pena and Kenne?


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