Coming This Fall, NOODLE BALL   4 comments

James is a Natural! — Image by kenne

Here is the movie trailer for a new movie,


coming this fall to a theater near you,

starring James and Grandma.

Grandma & James — Image by kenne

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4 responses to “Coming This Fall, NOODLE BALL

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  1. That video is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


  2. Totally Awesome, cant wait to see the full feature! Nice to see a bit of your family Keene, kind of rounds out the picture of the whole, so to speak. The bit about the Noodle Ball was in my email and because I have been awash in abundance when it comes to them, I for some reason passed it by several times. Now that I have seen it, the grandma in me is tickled! Thanks for the peek.


  3. James was visiting a couple of weeks ago. He turned 3 September 13th — literally born in the “eye of the storm” — hurricane Ike. He is therefore an “outlier!” He’s cute, but can be a real handful.


  4. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Five years ago today, James and Jill were visiting us in Tucson. They have been able to make it each year since moving here, having recently been here in June. — kenne


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