Tucson Mountain’s Cam-Boh Trail   3 comments

Images by kenne

Because of the near to where we live, most of our hikes have been in the Santa Catalina Mountains. This Monday, we hiked the Cam-Boh trail, which is between the Panther and Safford Peaks in the Tucson Mountains.

If you accept the current theory about the origins of the Tucson Mountains — that they were a volcanic top that rested on top of the granite Santa Catalina Mountains and over millions of years slid 20 mile west leaving the Tucson basin in between – we continue to hike the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The hike is a relatively easy four-mile, two-hour hike. The recent rains made it easy to see the track of bobcats, cougars and deer, however there were no sightings.  During this hike, I spent some time off the main trail in hope of increasing wildlife photos opts.

— kenne

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