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Images by kenne

It’s fair to say we have been festival, street fair, outdoor concert people for years. This weekend, we attended Tucson’s 4th Avenue Street Fair and were truly overwhelmed. Yes, this three-day winder street fair with its over 400 arts and crafts booths and 35 plus food vendors is an impressive event. Stretched out over eight blocks of 4th Avenue, this free event was packed with people looking for

Christmas gifts and a festive atmosphere while walking in the street of the popular 4th Avenue.

To our surprise, one of the artists at the fair was Amado Maurilio Peña. For over twenty years, one of our treasures has been a Peña lithograph, which we purchased at the el taller gallery in Austin.

Born and raised in Texas, Peña, who is recognized as an Artisan of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona, currently lives in Santa Fe, NM. His art is known for its bright earth/sky colors depicting the connections between people, earth, and art in the region’s ancient heritage. In our lithograph, the colors are in the people on a dark mountain background, which contrasts to most Peña works where the bold colors are dominant.  This darker Peña remains an exception in his work, which we have always appreciated.

— kenne

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  1. I lived in Tucson for 18 years, must say, there are three things in that city that are absolutely the best. The Rodeo, The 4th ave street fair, and the Sonoran Desert Museum. Enjoy life!


    • Thanks. Noted your web site. For about two years before moving to Tucson this past June, I was part of an advisory group for Panther Creek Inspiration Ranch in The Woodlands, TX, which makes use of therapeutic riding. (Note previous entries on my blog.) You may want to connect Linda and David Darnall, the inspiration behind the PCI. http://www.pciranch.org/



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  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    The year 2020 will be remembered for the many annual events that have been canceled. In our ten years here in Tucson, we have always gone to the 4th Avenue Street Fair. In lieu of not having photos from this year’s non-event, this is a reblog from December 12, 2010. Yes, for the non-believers, we have now been here for ten years. — kenne


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