The Olive Tree: My Keeper of The Flame   Leave a comment

Image by kenne

My silent conversations have come true
Beneath the foothills tree of oil olive
Serving as an umbrella from the sun
Under a canopy of shy blue
As seen through the silver side of green

This majestic tree adored by the gods
Theme of the Hellenes fable
Minerva’s olive branch for Attica
Over Neptune’s swift as the wind of horse
As the most useful gift to humanity

She stands alone above the flagstone
Belonging to a family of 800 million
Native to the cradle of life
Not of the Mount of Olives
We nourish her oil of extraction

A rock star for longevity
Her age-gnarled trunk
Covered with adorning suckers
The source of the victor’s
Spray of olive branches

Graced with biblical beauty
Emblem of wealth and plenty
Symbol of peace and home of doves
Roosting at the late of day
As the sunset adorns her shadow

Her branches rich of fruit
A summer of green
Turning black in October
Will not be beaten of stick
To extract her oil of olive

Building strength in winter
Her spring blossoms many of number
Assisted by the blowing breeze
Casting off in celebration the flower of olive
Like a late winter shower of snow

Each evening I sing in silence
Beneath my foothill’s tree of the ages
Looking to the sky
In celebration of life
With my keeper of the flame

“His beauty shall be as the olive tree.” [Hosea 14:6, KJV]


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Images by kenne

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