Capturing the Moment — Art Is Where You Find It   1 comment

Image by kenne

Everywhere I look I see art,
sometimes the work of nature,
sometimes the work of humans.
The other morning,
camera in hand,
I walked the nearby wash down to the Rillito River.
It was only five days ago a river with a depth of five feet,
but today all the water is gone,
leaving it in its normal waterless state.

Image by kenne

Before reaching the river, I noticed several trails,
so I decided to do some exploring,
choosing the most foreboding trail to follow.
Much to my wonder,
I begin to come upon works of art
left for passersby to contemplate in nature’s gallery,
as if in competition with nature’s own work.

Image by kenne

Making no judgment as to their artistic worth,
only being grateful for their existence,
I began staging myself to capture images of the art.
I have chosen to share them in black & white.


(Photo Set)

One response to “Capturing the Moment — Art Is Where You Find It

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  1. I think black and white is the best choice for these images. Could swear that’s a rattle snake in the foreground of the one with the orange hanging. You certainly are enjoying one of your favorite things to do….photograpy!


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