Mothers Day — 2010   5 comments

Image by kenne

Thinking about Mother

I thought about yesterday
Remembering the moments

I thought about today
Taking a big breath.

I thought about tomorrow
Exceeding my grasp.

I thought about time
Wondering about timeless.

I thought about life,
Asking the question.

I thought about people,
Knowing not what I see.

I thought about what is,
Wondering why?

I thought about ideals,
Seeking what should be.

I thought about truth,
Confusing it with the facts.

I thought about art,
Becoming aware.

I thought about love
Touching the feeling.

I thought about Joy,
Feeling love inside.

I thought about you,
Walking with long shadows.

I thought again of tomorrow
Sharing your path.

We miss you every day, especially on Mothers Day!


Posted May 9, 2010 by kenneturner in Art, Family, Information, Life, Photography, Poetry

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5 responses to “Mothers Day — 2010

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  1. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Great grandmother (Agnes, my mother) with Chase. She loved her little boys!


  2. Fills the heart, this day, full of remembering, and now. Your mother was lovely, and so obviously of love.


  3. . . . she was a very special person.


  4. Love this picture…such a wonderful woman she was!


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